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4. International Bahtiyar Vahapzade
Turkish World History, Culture and
Literature Congress.
03-04 JUNE 2022
Shaki / Azerbaijan

Folklore Institute of ANAS
Sheki Regional Scientific Center of ANAS

Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
Shaki Branch of ASPU
Guba Branch of ASPU

(Online and face-to-face participation)

Location: Shaki,
Home museum of Bakhtiyar Vahabsade


Academic Mukhtar IMANOV

Director of the AMEA Folklore Institute



Prof. Dr. Mahire HÜSEYNOVA

ADPU Uluslararası ilişkiler üzere rektör yardımcısı


WhatsApp Image 2021-07-10 at 23.35.09.jpeg

Prof. Dr. Ramazan GAFARLI

AMEA Folklore Institute “Dede Korkut” branch manager



Prof. Dr. Seyfeddin RZASOY

Head of AMEA Folklore Institute “Mifologiya” branch.


Congress Organizing Committee

Prof. Ismail KAZIMOV - Institute of Linguistics of ANAS

Prof. Dr. Mirvari ISMAYILOVA - Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University

Dos. Dr. Elkhan Mammadov - Institute of Folklore of ANAS

Dos. Dr. Hajar HUSEYNOVA - ADPU, Faculty of Philology

Dos. Dr. Irada KARIMOVA - Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University

Dos. Dr. Konul SAMADOVA - Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University

Dr. Necat ILK - Istanbul Aydin University

Dr. Kenan GURSOY - Retired

Dr. Seyfaddin Ganiyev - Institute of Folklore of ANAS

Dr. Islam Sadiq - Institute of Folklore of ANAS


Science and Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Huseyn ISMAYILOV - Institute of Folklore of ANAS (Azerbaijan)

Prof. Dr. Sevinj ALIYEVA - Director of the Monitoring Center under the State Language Commission (Azerbaijan)

Prof. Maharram Gasimli - President of the Azerbaijan Ashugs Union (Azerbaijan)

Prof. Dr. Text AKAR (Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Metin EKICI Ege University (Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Muratgeldi SOYEGOV - Turkmenistan-Turkey University (Turkmenistan)

Prof. Dr. Naila RAHIMBAYLI - Institute of Folklore of ANAS (Azerbaijan)

Prof. Dr. Naila HAJIZADE (Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Rustam KAMAL - Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry (Azerbaijan);

Prof. Dr. Seher ORUCOVA - Baku State University (Azerbaijan)

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bican ERCILASUN (Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Ali DUYMAZ - Balikesir University (Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Fikret TURKMEN - Ege University (Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Hülya KASAPOGLU ÇENGEL (Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Selim EMIROGLU (Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Shuayip KARAKAS Ankara Gazi University (Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Yaşar KALAFAT (Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Yavuz AKPINAR (Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Najiya SULTAN Ankara Gazi University (Turkey)

Prof. Dr. Nizami TAGISOY - Slavic University (Azerbaijan)

Prof. Dr. Faig CHALABIYEV - Russian State Pedagogical University (Russia)

Prof. Dr. Fikret KHALIGOV - Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University (Azerbaijan)

Prof. Dr. Mamatkul JURAYEV - Alisher Navoi Institute of Language and Literature of OMEA (Uzbekistan)

Prof. Dr. Ariuka GELYAYEVA - Kabardino-Balkaria State University. (Kabardino-Balkaria / Russia)

Prof. Dr. Bakytgul KULCANOVA - Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan)

Dos. Dr. Afzaladdin ASKER - Institute of Folklore of ANAS (Azerbaijan)

Dos. Dr. Afag RAMAZANOVA - Institute of Folklore of ANAS (Azerbaijan)

Dos. Dr. Agaverdi KHALIL - Institute of Folklore of ANAS (Azerbaijan)

Dos. Dr. Aziz Alakberli - Institute of Folklore of ANAS (Azerbaijan)

Dos. Dr. Elchin ABBASOV - Institute of Folklore of ANAS (Azerbaijan)

Dos. Dr. Elkhan MAMMADLI - Institute of Folklore of ANAS (Azerbaijan)

Dos. Dr. Fidan GASIMOVA - Institute of Folklore of ANAS (Azerbaijan)

Dos. Dr. Ilkin RUSTAMZADE - Institute of Folklore of ANAS (Azerbaijan)

Dos. Dr. Marziya Najafova - Institute of Literature of ANAS (Azerbaijan)

Dos. Dr. Rza KHALILOV - Institute of Folklore of ANAS (Azerbaijan)

Dos. Dr. Islam SADIK - Institute of Folklore of ANAS (Azerbaijan)

Dr. Farida TAHIROVA - TMEA Department of Language, Literature and Art Lexicography (Tatarstan)

Dr. Yüce KAFKASYA - Erzurum University (Turkey)

Dr. Imperia KHALIPAYEVA - Dagestan State Pedagogical University (Dagestan / Russia)

Dr. Necat BİRİNJİ (Turkey)

Dr. Özkul Çobanoğlu (Turkey)

Dr. Ocal OGUZ (Turkey)

Dr. Omar ÖZYILMAZ (Turkey)

Dr. Mais ALIZADE (Turkey)

Dr. Tudora ARNAUT - Kyiv State University named after Shevchenko (Ukraine)

Congress Calendar
Last Day to Submit Full Texts - 20 May 2022

Announcement of the Congress Program - May 28, 2022

Congress Dates- 03-04 June 2022

Publication of Congress Book - 20 June 2022


Our congress is only open to BAHTİYAR VAHAPZADE themed studies. Works that are not themed by Bahtiyar Vahapzade will not be considered in any way. Only applications with full text are accepted.

FULL TEXT Submission
There is requirement for a full text in our congress. You must send your FULL TEXTS to​ until May 20, 2022 at the latest.
​ ​
Full Text Writing Rules

- Write in Times new roman, 12 pt. (The article title, author names, institutions, e-mail addresses, abstract and keywords should all be 12 pt. For parts such as graphics and tables, the author's font size can be determined by the author in the most appropriate way)

- Give line spacing 1.25

- Do not indent from the left at the beginning of paragraphs

- Main headings should be written in CAPITAL letters and in bold

- Citation and Bibliography should be arranged in APA style

- Your full texts must be at least 5 pages

- SUMMARY, INTRODUCTION, RESEARCH AND FINDINGS, CONCLUSION and REFERENCES sections should be shown under separate headings in your full texts.

​ ​

Associate Professorship and Academic Incentive
Our congress is an international, refereed scientific event. Researchers and academicians from 9 countries will attend our congress, which has an international status and meets the criteria for academic promotion (including associate professorship) and incentives.
​ ​
Participation Fee

50 manat for Azerbaijani participants

Certificate of participation for all authors, publication of abstracts and full texts in the proceedings book with ISBN.
​ ​
Form of Participation and Presentation
Online participation: Our participants will make their presentations live through the Zoom program.
Zoom login information and password will be published together with the congress program.
​ ​
General Coordinator

Tel.://Watt.: +994 77 331 98 24


​ ​


Address: BAKU, Agha Neymetulla 23

Tel/Vatsap: +994 50 252 12 82

​ ​

- Single room: - 40 manat (including breakfast)

- Double room: - 50 manat (including breakfast)

- Triple room: -70 manat (including breakfast)

​ ​

​ ​


Address: BAKU, Hasan Aliyev 92 c

Tel/Vatsap: +994 50 521 15 16

- Single room: - 30 manat (including breakfast)

- Double room: - 40 manat (including breakfast)

- Triple room: - 60 manat (including breakfast)


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