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Science Azerbaijan starts  Science Without Borders movement by inviting outstanding scholars for one semester in Azerbaijani institutions of higher education for lecturing..

Azerbaijani Institutions welcome outstanding lecturers from abroad for one semester/ 5 months stay in Azerbaijan for lecturing and interacting with students. 

Institutions that have traditionally been less involved in foreign exchange programs, such as hosting visiting professors are given priority. The Scholar gains experience in the field of higher education in Azerbaijan, and the institution benefits from the expertise supplied. The program encourages institutional and community-wide cultural and intellectual diversity.

The welcoming outstanding scholars program have 2 directions:

- Farman Salmanov Foreign Scholars Program on Applied sciences

-Seyid Yahya Bakuvi Foreign Scholars Program on Social Sciences & Humanities

Seyid Yahya Bakuvi  was an Azerbaijani scientist and philosopher of medieval ages. 15 works of Seyid Yahya Bakuvi have been saved up to date. His works have a sufistic and mystic character. They are kept in cities of Turkey: Istanbul (“Muradiye” library), Konya, Manisa. Seyid Yahya wrote such philosophic treatises as “Sharkh-I Gulshani-raz”(“Comments to flower garden of secrets”), “Asrar at-Talibin” (“Secrets of searchers of the truth”), “Symbolism of signs”, “Comments to the Safavids dynasty”, “Secrets of spirits” and others, penetrated through religious and mystic ideas which are valuable sources in the sphere of investigation of philosophy, astronomy and math.

Farman Salmanov dedicated fifty years of his life to the oil-and-gas industry of the Soviet Union and Russia, and discovered or participated in the discovery of over one hundred fields, including such huge oil and gas reserves as Mamontovskoye, Megionskoye, Pravdinskoye, Ust-Balykskoye, Surgutskoye, Urengoyskoye, Yamburgskoye, etc. He was awarded the title of the Hero of Socialist Labor in 1966 and the Lenin Prize in 1970. From 1978 to 1987 Salmanov headed the Glavtyumengeology after Y.G. Ervier, an organization in charge of oil and gas exploration in Tyumen Oblast. In 1987–1991 he was the first deputy to the Minister of Geology of the USSR. Until his death, Salmanov was an adviser to the president of Russian Itera Gas Company. Farman Salmanov was doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the author of over 160 monographs and scientific works. He was an honorary citizen of Khanty–Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrugs, the city of Surgut, and the state of Texas. A number of feature and documentary films were dedicated to Salmanov's story.

Science Azerbaijan supoorts

Science Without Borders

therefore the Association open to collaborations between local and overseas institutions. 

It also generates projects to enhance the productivity of the grant programs provided by Azerbaijani Government. We understand the need of connections between universities and businesses which are critical for institutional development and modernisation in order to compete in today's world. Thus with our member institutions we hold an annual council to discuss on different aspects of scientific development of the country and its leading organizations. 

International movement of highly trained individuals has a significant impact on how national innovation systems are shaped. We support significant governmental measures to promote international mobility focus on creating attractive ecosystems and providing favorable working and living conditions for mobile talents, while on the other hand, targeting specific individuals for their unique or potential qualities. Hereby Science Azerbaijan Association signing agreements with many universities around the world.

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