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Katlanmış Gazeteler



Science Azerbaijan Scholars Award Program for Azerbaijani Researchers

Science Azerbaijan Scholars Award Program for overseas scientists 

Award programs are a flagship project focused at enhancing worldwide research collaboration and academic progress between Azerbaijani Universities and the world. SA recognizes individuals who have applied scientific research to innovate in any field and benefit society. It aims to make a positive impact on science, medicine, industry, technology, or society in general Individuals, teams, or groups of collaborators such as scientists, researchers, educators, technology leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers, patient advocates, public health workers, and students could all be considered as potential nominations.

Nomination information


A simple online form can be used to nominate an individual or a team. Individuals have the option of nominating themselves.

You'll need to explain why you think the work should be recognized, as well as links to supporting evidence and contact information (valid email addresses) for the people you're nominating.
Review the Program Rules for qualifying requirements and other critical information before completing the nomination form.
By the deadline, all nominations must be received. Nominations sent after the deadline or that are incomplete will not be considered.


Only one Nomination will be considered for each area

By agreeing to be a Nominee, you represent and warrant that the Work that is the subject of the Nomination: (a) does not violate or infringe on any person's or entity's license, patent, copyright, trademark, privacy, or publicity right; and (b) is not defamatory, libelous, obscene, or otherwise illegal.

All Nominees must be age 18 and older. Nominees who are 18 or older but considered to be minors in their jurisdiction must have permission from their parent(s) or legal guardian to participate in the Program. The Program and these Official Rules are subject to applicable laws and are void where prohibited by law. The Sponsors and their employees, officers, directors, and board members of the Sponsors are not eligible. The Sponsors’ independent contractors, volunteer editors, and authors who publish through them are eligible. 

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