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Science Azerbaijan
Azerbaycan Bilim



Science Azerbaijan is an organization that represents the major scientific facilities in Azerbaijan, which include qualified scientific events, as well as supports and grants to the groundbreaking research and inventions needed by today's world and our country. It brings together the expertise of some of Azerbaijan's largest and most respected research organizations to jointly push the boundaries of how scientific research is produced and benefit society. Science Azerbaijan, which is a platform where scientists from all over the world can easily access research projects, scientific congresses and conferences and other academic activities carried out by Azerbaijan's most rooted higher education institutions, was established with the aim of making Azerbaijan a center of attraction in almost every field of science. Science Azerbajan, a reliable platform supported by well-known scientists and politicians of Azerbaijan to bring together the qualified scientists of our country with scientists from all over the world, and to lay the groundwork for the establishment of an effective interaction environment for researchers working in the same fields. To date, around 5000 scientists from more than 60 countries have participated in scientific events organized in Azerbaijan through our platform.


Science Azerbaijan's objective is to strengthen collaboration among member higher education institutions in order to collaboratively address regional and global concerns, particularly those connected to scientific development, education and economic, scientific, and technological growth. In order to achieve this purpose, Science Azerbaijan recognizes and promotes shared identity and values.

Brief History

İKSAD proposed to establish an association of Azerbaijani universities in 2019. From that day forth, prospective members were convening  in Baku, Ankara, Nakhchivan and Antalya to discuss the formulation of the Constitution and Framework of the Science Azerbaijan. On 21st of March 2022 the association is getting ready to officially launch in Antalya along with Nowruz Celebration, marking the beginning of a new era of scientific breakthrough of Azerbaijani universities. 



The Board elects the Presidency institution, which serves for three years and is renewable for another term. The President of Science Azerbaijan is the Chief Executive of the Presidency. İKSAD now holds the temporary presidency. Prof. Salih ÖZTÜRK, is the SA President. 


The Science Azerbaijan Secretariat is hosted permanently by İKSAD. The Secretariat is responsible for hosting the Summits, implementing Board decisions, facilitating SA activities, planning the budget, and fundraising.


The Board is the governing body of the Association. The Board consists of Chief Executives from member institutions. 

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